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NEVER GET STRANDED with a dead car battery again!  With the JumperPack mini in your glove compartment a dead car battery becomes an easy jump instead of a major hassle.  It’s also a 200 lumen LED torch, emergency strobe and smartphone/tablet charger all in one.  
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12,000mAh Battery

Powerful lithium-ion battery jumpstarts up to 8 cylinder engines

2.1A USB Port

Quickly charges smartphones and tablets anywhere

200 Lumen LED Light

Functions as a continuous torch or emergency strobe light

Compact Size

Extremely small form factor weighs less than 1 pound

IPX3 Weatherproof

Designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions

SafeJump Battery Clamps

Prevent reverse charge and over-current for safe reliable jumpstarting

Included Accessories

All accessories are made from the highest quality materials and fit perfectly into the included carrying case.

  • JumperPack mini Lithium-Ion Jumpstarter
  • Thermoformed carrying case
  • AC wall charger
  • Quick Start guide and detailed product manual


Back-to-Back Jumpstarts


Smartphone Charges

0 x

Tablet Charges

0 d

1 Year Charge

Electrical specifications

Battery charging controller system
Li-ion Battery Capacity 12,000mAh
USB Output 2.1A / 5V
Cranking Amps 250A/400A (starting/peak)
Output voltage / current (AC adapter) 15V DC / 1.0A
AC input voltage (AC adapter) 100 - 240V AC
Power draw after full charge - Charging system < 0.5W
Safety certifications / efficiency certifications UL (AC Adapter), BC (Charging system)

Physical specifications

Length 6.0 in (15.3 cm)
Width 3.3 in (8.5 cm)
Height 1.3 in (3.2 cm)
Weight 0.9 lbs (430 g)


Personal Watercraft


MP3 Players

Product Guide

JumperPack mini




Quick Start Guide

JumperPack mini




QWill the JumperPack mini really start my V8 truck?
AIn a word, YES.  We have packed enough power into the JumperPack mini to start large V8 Engines.
QIs the JumperPack mini waterproof ?
AIt is not waterproof but it is IPX3 water resistant which means it is built to withstand the elements of rain and snow but is not capable of being submerged.  
QHow many times will the JumperPack mini charge my smartphone/tablet?
ADepending on the specific device that you are using it will recharge your smartphone from 3 to 6 times and your tablet from 1 to 3 times.



The Cyntur JumperPack mini works as advertised and would make a solid addition to a glove box or trunk toolkit.


Everything about the pack is nice and well thought out, the jumper cables are easy to connect and disconnect, and the clamps are easy to use, and there are no knobs or dials that need to be adjusted before jumping a vehicle. You just plug the jumper cables into the socket (they'll only go in one way so there are no worries about getting it wrong), clamp it to the battery terminals, and you're ready to fire up the car.


I lifted the hood and attached the jumper pack. I pressed the button and blue LEDs flashed on, telling me the pack was charged and ready for action. I attached the cables to the positive and negative terminals, got in the driver’s seat, turned the key and VROOM! She fired right up with no hesitation.

Gear Junkie

Old, tired, carbureted V8 with questionable electronics yet no problems from the Cyntur JumperPack Mini.


Instead of hitting up a neighbor, I popped the hood, followed the convenient quick-start guide that’s printed inside the carrying case, and I was good to go


As portable as it is functional, Cyntur’s JumperPack mini boasts all the features of full-size jump boxes… and then some.

Digital Trends

We’re loving the idea of storing a full charge in the glove compartment when we venture off of the beaten path. According to Cyntur, the JumperPack Mini will store a full charge for 1 year. This makes it almost a no-brainer accessory for anyone who frequently travels outside of cell reception

50 Campfires

To use in an emergency simply plug the included jumper cable harness into the JumperPack mini and connect red to positive and black to negative. There’s no need to press the function button for jump starting, just get in and twist the key and you’ll be safely on your way

Mustang 360

Even though the Cyntur JumperPack mini is marketed as a portable battery for boosting your vehicle in case of a dead battery, it is a perfect solution if you are looking for a portable battery pack to keep your electronic devices topped up. It boosts four, six, and even eight-cylinder engines – both gas and diesel – without any issues, and could be a real lifesaver with the included flashlight/emergency strobe


Cyntur's JumperPack Mini intends to improve upon the glovebox jump starter concept with a few key features that set it apart from competitors

Dude I Want That

it can surely save you or a family member in an urgent situation; how can you put a price on that? The fact that it can charge a phone or tablet is icing on the cake, as it may enable someone to call 911 even if the phone battery is depleted. The flashlight should come in handy too

Beta News

Cyntur's JumperPack mini packs another punch besides acting as a portable backup battery for USB devices. The 12,000mAh cell can be used to jumpstart cars with up to a V8 engine

App Advice

Ironman needs a cool-but-creepy power source embedded in his chest. Yours is now held in your hand with the 12,000mAh JumperPack mini. Matching the cranking power of many car batteries, the 250 Amp back-up system comes with quick-connect clamps to single-handedly fire up the Ford or resuscitate the Subaru

Active Junky

This powerhouse of a jump starter can jump start vehicles with up to eight cylinder engines, can charge your smartphone or tablet and act as a flashlight during an emergency situation. Weighing less than a pound it fits easily in glove compartments


The high-powered JumperPack mini has the capacity to jump start cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, snowmobiles, and more up to 25 times in a row after a single charge. Jam-packed with advanced features, the JumperPack mini is designed with Cyntur's proprietary SafeJump technology which prevents reverse charging and over-current. These safety features put the JumperPack mini at the forefront of safety auto technology

Mobile Tech Review

With the JumperPack mini, it is more than capable of jump starting the likes of cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, snowmobiles, and more up to 25 times in a row after a single charge. Not only that, just charging it up once to the maximum should be able to see it last an entire year, allowing you to stash the JumperPack mini away in most glove compartments so that it is ready to rock and roll whenever required

Coolest Gadgets

It includes a set of SafeJump battery clamps for safe and foolproof jumpstarting of most vehicles up to engine sizes of 8 cylinders, with enough juice on a full charge to output up to 25 back-to-back boosts

Gear Hungry

It's pretty remarkable that it's able to carry on a beefy 12,000mAh battery-while also offering its jump starting abilities

Phone Arena

The ultra lightweight device also features a 200 lumen LED light, a convenient feature for navigating your way around your vehicle during emergency situations, and a thermoformed carrying case for stowing away in your glove box

Hi Consumption

Cyntur's JumperPack mini looks lust like another power bank at first, but this device can not only jump start cars, but charge your gadgets as well, thanks to its 12,000mAh li-ion battery cell


After intentionally draining the battery in a 2000 Dodge Viper with a 10-cylinder engine, I hooked up the JumperPack to the terminals, and fired up the car, virtually as if the battery was new

Auto 123

What makes the Cyntur jumperPack such a handy device is it's ability to not only charge your smart device via a 12,000mAh internal battery, but to also jumpstart your car, effectively killing two birds with one stone

Gear Moose

I'm very impressed with this device. It lights up a room, it recharges devices, it signals for help in an emergency, and it can even restart a car with a dead battery. Whats more, it can even do several of these things in succession, and the battery will even hold a charge for as much as a year. That's a good long time, and coupled with the sheer amount of versatility that this device has to offer, it's an excellent value.

Mobility TechZone

The JumperPack lasts up to one year on a single charge, whereas most competitors last half of that

ATV Illustrated

More impressive though is its ability to jumpstart your car up to 25 times on a full charge with the safe jump battery clamps

Gear Grounds

I like the fact that I no longer have to ask a stranger for help when my battery goes dead. I feel safe with Cyntur in my car

Night Helper

I liked that the JumperPack offers a huge 12,000mAh of power and still fits in a glove box. This is one of the few products I've reviewed where I've struggled to find a "con" to write about

iPhone Life

Sure enough the Honda cranked strongly and fired right up, and according to the battery status light, the JumperPack mini barely broke a sweat


A hunk of plastic smaller than a paperback can jump-start a car up to 25 times back to back. It worked on my VW, which has been Frankenvanned with a Subuaru Legacy engine, it worked on a ginormous V8, and it worked on a 15-year-old V6

Adventure Blog

Having a vehicle die with nobody around to jump you is a serious problem and for this, you need a portable jumpstarter that works. The Cyntur JumperPack Mini is the one for the job

Morning Moss

Working well alongside the pure power supplied through the Cyntur Jumper Pack Mini is its well-planned design that makes the gadget easy to use and effective, without confusing bells and whistles. There are no dials to be adjusted, just simple battery terminals that make a course of action clear

Access Technologies

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February 18 2017

I bought this because last time I had to give a jump car to car the electrical system in my car was never the same. With this JumperPack mini, I find myself eager to rush over to cars with open hoods to intervene and show off what this thing can do. I jumped eight or nine cars and the unit still showed three of four LEDs indicating it had almost a full charge still, ready for more! The red/green indicator lights between the clamps and unit (I don't see in any of their pics) is also very helpful in letting you know when the car battery is fine and something else is wrong causing car not to start (green/red flash) or that you have a good enough connection to start the engine (green solid). - Bill
October 03 2016

Terrific product! Exactly as advertised, very portable and handy. I've only needed it a couple times but it has done it's job everytime and was worth the money.
July 28 2016

First of all, my review is an update for the Jumper Pack Mini, nothing compares to this Little monster, is the second year since I bought it and never let me down, finally I give 5 big stars to costumer service, their work and attention is superb an they deserve a big applause..Congrats and keep the good work.
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